Bruins celebrated Stanley Cup with $100,000 champagne

The Bruins celebrating at Shrine

The Boston Bruins held their Stanley Cup championship parade in Boston on Saturday, which meant the real fun could finally begin. Viva la bar-hopping!

The Bruins brought the Cup to SHRINE at MGM Grand at Foxwoods on Saturday night, where much fun was had and much champagne was consumed.

What kind of champagne, you ask? Oh, you know … the One Hundred Thousand Dollar kind. And here you thought that 3-year-old Asti Spumante on your wine rack was something special.

From the folks at SHRINE, that’s Shawn Thornton(notes) and Zdeno Chara (notes) chugging the expensive stuff above; here’s the scoop from the club:

After the team arrived at SHRINE for their late-night celebration, owners Ed Kane, Joe Kane and Randy Greenstein hand delivered a 30 liter bottle of Ace of Spades “Midas” champagne, costing more $100,000.

The bottle, which is one of six in existence, was double the size of the 15 liter Ace of Spades brut that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban purchased for his team after their NBA Championship victory just one week ago. The bottle, which was signed by every Bruins team member in attendance, will be on display at High Rollers and will be raffled off at a later date to benefit the Bruins foundation.

After passing the massive bottle around from player to player, the B’s drank the bubbly out of Lord Stanley’s Cup and in the heat of the moment, Brad Marchand(notes) jumped on the bar and showered the crowd.

Well, of course he did, reinforcing our theory that Brad Marchand will become the Patrick Kane of this summer-long Cup celebration. Barstool Sports already has a snap of the rookie dancing with bubbly.

Meanwhile, here’s what it sounded like inside the club when the Stanley Cup appeared.

Boston Bruins at MGM Foxwoods…Stanley Cup

Can’t wait until that “my day with the Stanley Cup” stuff starts … this team can party.

Obviously, we’d love to see any and all Bruins Cup party shots. Send’em to

By Greg Wyshynski, Yahoo Sports

Photo by Brian Spinelli

Video by Wilbriz, You Tube

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