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Help a Guy Get His Dog Back

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

So this fella Craig Dershowitz bought a puggle — a pug/beagle mix — and named him Knuckles, because why wouldn’t you? Just look at that scrappy fella there, head cocked all all to the side, as if to say, “We play more now?”

Anyway, life happens, as it does, and Dershowitz broke up with his lady, Sarah Brega. She took Knuckles with Save Knucklesher to California, and the custody battle began. Brega claims Dershowitz gave her the dog, but he says on his fundraising page Rescue Knux, “The courts gave me custody already but, sadly, the system is too complex and expensive to make anything that simple and easy.”

Dershowitz blames the protracted battle on Brega’s wealthy family supporting her “filing crazy, frivolous motions just knowing that I can’t afford to respond even after the judge has ruled in my favor.”

Now we can’t say what the story is, but we can say any guy who spends $60,000 really wants his dog back and will make a great owner. He’s raising funds in hopes of concluding this legal battle, and he’s got tons of donors offering neat swag for your escalating donations.

The guy already suffered a break-up. Now it’s gotta cost him sixty large and he still doesn’t get his best friend back? Be a guy and chuck in a sawbuck to help Dershowitz rescue his dog. Your dog would do anything for you, so let’s man together and help him do the same for Knux.

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Photo by Craig Dershowitz