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Search engines beat social media for local business info: study

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Facebook and Twitter haven’t captured everyone’s eyeballs yet, especially when it comes to looking for information about local restaurants, bars, clubs and other businesses.

A new study finds that although social media still plays a small role as a resource for that kind of info, its far behind search engines, such as Google, and specialty websites.

Newspapers, both printed and online, “run second behind the Internet as the source that people rely on for news and information about local businesses, including restaurants and bars,” says Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project and the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. The report, “Where people get information about restaurants and other local businesses,” was issued Wednesday.

Word of mouth, too, “particularly among non-Internet users, is also an important source of information about local businesses.”

For the 55 percent of adults interested in news and information about local restaurants, bars, and clubs, 51 percent of them go to the Internet, including these sources:

For the 60 percent of adults who said they got information about local businesses, they said they rely on these sources:

  • 47 percent say “some kind of online source.”
  • 30 percent said newspapers, either in print or online.
  • 22 percent said word of mouth from family and friends.
  • 8 percent said local TV broadcasts or the stations’ websites.
  • 5 percent said local radio.

Pew’s survey of 1,087 adults was done Jan. 12-25 of this year (2011). Here’s a more detailed breakdown on those who search for restaurant, bar and club information:

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Search engine vs Social media graph

Social Media- Here to stay?

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Facebook and Twitter the two most recognized social media platforms have taken the world by storm.  Unless you’re a visitor from another planet you know what they are. Or do you really?

Social media is arguably the most powerful source of communication! Potentially any one with an account has the ability to create a message that will be seen by thousands if not millions of people all over the world in the course of a day. For instance, Charlie Sheen now famous for his “Winning” rants currently has over 3.5 million followers on his Twitter account! Obviously he’s had a little help from the main stream media and his very successful acting career. But still, without social media it would be impossible to reach that many people in just a few seconds. Think about that for a minute, 3.5 million people receiving a single message from a single person in a matter of seconds. It is astounding! It’s also FREE!

Some view Facebook and Twitter as annoying as flies at a picnic, a waste of time and self promoting. They don’t need to hear about someone carrying out the garbage or driving to work. Admittedly, there are those who post what most of us would deem silly. But these posts are not what social media is about.

Those who are into social media find the experience exciting. Users are able to re-connect with old friends, invite and be invited to events, post and view helpful information, learn about new trends, receive and relay information about interests, hobbies, sports etc, etc. Social media is endless!  Most users can’t get through a day without checking up, posting, or responding to posts and tweets several times a day! It is estimated that users check in 5-10 times per day.

Enter business! From the smallest of business to the biggest corporations in the world social media is driving profits. The vast accessibility to consumers is virtually endless. Businesses now enjoy a free advertising venue to promote their goods and services. With a link to their website and POS ecommerce they are reaching millions of consumers with a combined buying power of more than a billion dollars. As of January 2011 Facebook has over 600 million active users. In April 2010 it was estimated that 41.6 % of the US population had a Facebook account. Twitter is also a force to be reckoned with. Twitter has over 6 million users. As of June 2010, 65 million tweets per day were recorded.

Still not sure if you’re ready for social media? Be brave, check it out, its free and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you own or manage a business and have yet to get on board, sign up today…you’re losing money!

Love it or hate it…social media is here to stay!

Enjoy the night,